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  • Morning Tunes: Jay Brannan

    Morning Tunes: Jay Brannan

    To start off your day with a pretty voice (and face), check out this song by Jay Brannan, who will...

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  • Loving the Tony Awards

    Loving the Tony Awards

    Law Dork was glued to the Tony Awards all evening (as those who follow me on Twitter are all too...

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  • Law Dork Update

    Law Dork Update

    I hope everyone likes the new theme/layout/colors; I do! Apologies for the lack of updates today, but I’ve been Interwebs incompetent...

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  • 'To antecede reality television'

    'To antecede reality television'

    Would that wishing made it so. The line comes from Troy Patterson’s review of HBO’s Grey Gardens, starring Drew Barrymore and...

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  • Singing Into The Weekend

    Singing Into The Weekend

    Last Friday, I had the pleasure of seeing Les Chansons d’Amour (Love Songs) at the Wexner Center here in Columbus...

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  • Artists to Watch: Bo Burnham

    Artists to Watch: Bo Burnham

    Sure, it’s off topic, but I can do that — it’s my blog. I have been impressed with Bo Burnham.  I...

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  • The Oscars

    The Oscars

    It was such a wonderful Academy Awards, as covered by the LA Times.  Law Dork, 2.0 will return as usual...

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  • You Go, Girl!

    You Go, Girl!

    As much as I wanted to resist, I figured, “Why not start the weekend on a light note?”  I can’t...

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  • Good to Know

    Good to Know

    It’s great to know that’s Nate Silver has a thing for the Oscars.  So do I.  He put his...

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  • 'a difference of opinion'

    'a difference of opinion'

    I think these people were involved in the bailout valuation process. [youtube=] Truly, it is worth the three minutes to hear this...

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